Anti-Trojan Shield

ATShield Ltd.

ATShield Ltd. develops and promotes Anti-Trojan Shield, a high-quality, sophisticated Trojan detector and blocker package. We strive to offer superior anti-Trojan protection through state-of-the-art technology, innovation, leadership, and partnerships.


Anti-Trojan Shield started as a research project in 2000. It branched into an independent software development company named ATShield Ltd. in 2001. In the fourth quarter of 2001, the first beta version of Anti-Trojan Shield was released. Starting from the second quarter of 2002 we offer Anti-Trojan Shield, the ultimate solution for Trojan detection and blocking.


ATShield's vision is to deliver the best anti-Trojan protection to all users. Our key business objective is to earn a major position in the marketing of anti-Trojan software. Our primary business strategy is to provide end users with software that effectively protects them from Trojan horses, worms and computer viruses using superior scanning and removal technologies, and which can deliver a safe, stable and secure working environment to home and office users more efficiently than any possible competitor.

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